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Atina Jazz Campus

I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the Atina Jazz Campus in July 2013 again! This time I will be the artistic/pedagogical head of the Campus della Musica and it will surely be a wonderful week-and-a-half with great teachers and students from different parts of Europe and also Canada! There will be many student concerts at the festival and at least one teacher concert, too. I’m looking forward to it very much!

Fiestecita back in business!

Fiestecita is a salsa group we started already in 1983 (!). The line-up has changed a little bit from those days, but in today’s line-up we’ve been performing (with one exception, Matti Lappalainen on trombone (nowadays the Manager of April Jazz)- switched to Mikko Mustonen) since the 90′s.
We used to run several highly successful salsa clubs in Helsinki, back in the 80′s and 90′s. The biggest hit was the every-Sunday-salsa club at Hotel President’s Night Club, that ran continuously for 3 years, with the average attendance of 750-800 persons/night (!). Sometimes there was around 1100 people packed in, most of them dancing (have no idea how they managed to do that…)!
The band is very dear to all of us, even though the last years it has been pretty quiet – but now we’re back – and going to work hard to make the band sound amazing on this festival!

Visiting China

Hey all!

This Christmas and New Year I’ll be traveling around China with my family.
Now we’re in Shanghai, and after Xmas we’ll be moving over to Changsha and then to Hong Kong for the New Year. We’ll return to Shanghai for one more day, and then back to Finland.

Happy Christmas to everybody!

Back home in Helsinki

Hi all!

I arrived home yesterday, after 2 weeks in Japan with my ‘global unit’. The tour was really intense,
since we played pretty much every night in a different city, all around Japan. I suppose we traveled by train some 5000+ kilometers on that trip.
Anyways, I’m looking forward to going back, and hope to play in some of those nice clubs we did this time and some other spots, too!

This week I’ll be organizing some concerts for a UK Tour with a new group called ‘Pekka Pylkkanen Hi-Fi Quintuplet’ that features Kit Downes on piano and Nick Smart on trumpet. We will be playing at Ronnie Scott’s in London Soho in a couple of weeks, and are planning to make a larger tour in early 2013. If you’re in London on NOV 27th, come over to check us out!

Tonight in Tokyo/Kashiwa

Hello there!

It’s been already a week here in Japan. Tonight we’re playing at Jazz Club Nardis in Tokyo/Kashiwa, and tomorrow we’re heading towards Sapporo to play at the legendary COO,for 2 days,looking forward to that!
Then on the 9th we’re playing in Ashiya, in Kansai region at a great club called ‘Left Alone’.
Hope to see some of you over there!After this gig our drummer Carlos Ezequiel will be heading back home to Sao Paulo.
On the 10th, we’re back in Tokyo/Yokohama region and playing at Airegin Yokohama.

Tour continues


It’s Saturday morning, and we will soon be leaving for Okayama, where we will be performing at LIVEHOUSE BIRD tonight. The place is very nice, and it has a long history of great jazz musicians playing there. The previous owner, Okazaki-san, unfortunately passed away a few years ago, but his son Toshiaki is continuing the business, which is really great. We really hope to see many of our old friends there tonight. Also, if someone in Okayama would be interested in a lesson with me or any of the guys (Markus Niittynen/piano, Ronan Guilfoyle/bass, Carlos Ezequiel/drums), please get in touch with Toshiaki. We could do that either late afternoon today or tomorrow morning/noon.
Hope to see you there!

In Japan

Hello everybody!

We arrived in Japan a couple of days ago and yesterday night had our first gig here. It was in Yokohama, Okurayama Hall. The place was beautiful, on a steep hill, surrounded by a garden and great views over the city. Tonight we’re off to Kamakura to play at Daphne. Our gig for tomorrow, November 2nd,in ‘Lush Life’ Hiroshima got suddenly with a very short notice (!!!!!!!) cancelled and so we’re staying one more day in Tokyo area. And, in stead, we’re playing a concert at TRADS FAN School Of Music in Yoyogi, Tokyo. Then we’re off for Okayama, Live House Bird (NOV3) and Hiroshima Jazz Club Bird (NOV4). After those we come back to Tokyo area, and play at Blue Flame on NOV 5, with Tadashi Saze on bass. Hope to see many of our friends there, too…

Hello all!

I returned home yesterday from the tour we did in Switzerland and France. We had a great time and the audiences were very nice! Now I’m preparing for the Japan Tour that will start next week.

Looking forward to it!

PP Global Unit Tour in Japan 2012

Tour in Switzerland and France with Pekka Pylkkanen Global Unit

This is a long-waited and long-planned trip to Central Europe with some of my favorite musicians:

Greg Burk on piano (USA/ITA), Ronan Guilfoyle on bass (IRE) and Carlos Ezequiel on drums (BRA).

We’re playing at Bird’s Eye – and recording as well. And we’re doing master classes and concerts in CMDL- and some more stuff will still be announced soon…! It will be great to get to play with these guys again!

I will also play with Carlos a special gig at Babilo in Paris, on OCT 24th, with Benoit Sourisse on piano and

Jean-Michel Charbonnier on bass. Looking forward to that very much, too!