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Beautiful Lisbon-and other recent things

Hey all!

I recently returned from Lisbon, Portugal, where I played a couple of concerts, did some workshops at the Escola de Jazz Luis Villas-Boas, played a great Sunday late afternoon jam session, and had a great time with my friend Bruno Santos and his lovely wife Mariana.

The whole trip was a super nice one, I walked around the city many times and enjoyed the vibe and the architecture enormously, and the people in Lisbon – just incredibly nice! I had some incredible seafood and fish for several times, the wines were great and the music was really good. I mainly played with Bruno S. on guitar, Luis Candeias on drums and Antonio Quintino on bass. Our gigs were held in the legendary Hot Clube Portugal, such a cool place to play! On the Sunday night jam there were André Carvalho on bass and also Concalo Marques on trumpet and lots of young cats from Lisbon. Cafe Tati- a very cool Sunday jam! Right after the jam I was on my way to the airport, and the weather was really stormy- I wasn’t sure at all if the planes would take off in that weather, but luckily we were (so I heard later on) among the last ones who got on the air from Lisbon that night, they closed the airport right after..

Now I’m back home and working on new projects and trying to finalise some older ones… I’ll be posting soon about some things in Japan for next fall and other nice stuff that’ll be coming up! And .. Atina Jazz Campus (end of July) might be happening this year again – let’s hope for the best! Also I cannot wait to get to South Africa for the IASJ and to perform at the Grahamstown festival with Nick Smart, Ronan Guilfoyle, Kyle Shepherd and others!

Thanks a lot for reading, have a great week!

All the best,



Happy New Year!

I wish everyone has had a great Holiday Season! I am slowly starting to get back to work, and I will be doing quite a lot of organising these coming weeks. My first trip this year was a  couple of days’ visit to Stockholm a few days ago with my wife, a very nice trip indeed, with lots of art exhibitions/galleries and we also heard a nice Swedish saxophone trio (sax, bass, drums) LSD on our last night at the Glenn Miller Cafe.

In February I will be off to Portugal and Spain, where I will be performing at the Hot Clube in Lisbon with the great guitarist Bruno Santos and his trio, as well as doing some clinics and/or other teaching at the Escola de Jazz Luiz Villas-Boas. We’re most likely also going to perform in Madrid, but there’s no details yet for those nights.

Other confirmed gigs/trips include the annual IASJ Jazz Meeting, this time in Cape Town, South Africa. And right after that I have the honour of heading a 5-piece group at the Grahamstown Jazz/Standard Bank Jazz Festival – and teaching at National Youth Jazz Festival. The band will be Nick Smart on trumpet, Ronan Guilfoyle on bass, Kevin Gibson on drums and Kyle Shepherd on piano. I’m sure it will be a blast! Altogether there will be more than 2 weeks in South Africa, where I have always wanted to travel.. !

Other work this spring include my regular teaching job at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and also mixing and some editing of a Global Unit album we recorded already more than a year ago. I hope to be able to release it during this spring.

Thanks for reading, and wish you all a great start for 2014!

All the best,



Back home after Japan Tour

Hello everybody!

I returned home last night from Japan (after a 25-hour travel..). I had a great time and I loved to play with this particular line-up: Roy Assaf on piano, Jaska Lukkarinen on drums and Ape Anttila on bass. Thanks also very much to Kengo Nakamura (bass) and Shinichiro Kamoto (drums) with whom we (me and Roy) performed at the Yokohama Jazz Promenade, which by the way, was spectacular – close to 1000 people in the amazing Minato Mirai Hall.

During the 2-an-a-half-week tour we managed to ‘meet’ a typhoon twice – or almost 3 times – since on the night before we traveled the typhoon was just getting stronger, but we still got out of the way so that our flights were not cancelled.. However, we did a good bit of traveling while in Japan – by Shinkansen of course (and a couple of times by ordinary train when there was no Shinkansen connection available). I suppose we traveled some 7500+ kilometers by train over there…

The artistic highlights of the tour were probably at Someday in Tokyo or Mokkiriya in Kanazawa – like usually those tend to appear towards the end of a tour. Also Sunny Side in Nagoya was very much happening. This last-mentioned club, despite it’s fairly odd situation in the city, is an extremely good place to perform. The stage is pretty much perfect and the sound of the room is great, and the also serve good food there. I wish more people would find that place, because it is a serious place for jazz! Another great place is of course the Left Alone in Ashiya, which is being managed by Ryo san, who is a very nice guy and a gentleman, and who knows how to run a great jazz club. Their kitchen is extraordinary, the venue is beautiful, the sound is great and the whole staff is kind and funny and listens to the music being performed !  What else could you ask from a club? Well, maybe sometimes more audience but let’s not get to that topic right now…

However, I really enjoyed the playing and the hangs on this tour. The music really got better and better along the way, and what was maybe even more important, is that every night sounded totally different than the others!

Thanks for reading, I try to send updates more regularly from now on..!

All the best, Pekka

Japan Tour 2013 w/Roy Assaf

Hey all!

Here is the schedule for ‘Pekka Pylkkanen Tube Factory feat. Roy Assaf’ Tour in Japan 2013:

10/13(日)横浜Jazz Promenade@関内ホール 13:20~YOKOHAMA JAZZ PROMENADE


10/15(火)中目黒・楽屋 19:30~ tel:03-3714-2607 RAKUYA /TOKYO

10/16(水)京都Blue Note 20:00~ tel:075-223-0398 KYOTO BLUE NOTE

10/17(木)横浜エアジン 19:30~ tel:045-641-9191 AIREGIN/YOKOHAMA

10/18(金)柏Nardis 20:30~ tel:04-7164-9469 JAZZ CLUB NARDIS/KASHIWA

10/19(土)札幌くう 19:00~ tel:011-616-7713 COO/SAPPORO


10/21(月)名古屋Sunny Side 20:00~ tel:052-847-6177 SUNNY SIDE/NAGOYA


19:45~ tel:03-3359-6777 ※この日は同会場で17:00-19:00でクリニックがあります。要予約

10/23(水)金沢もっきりや 19:30~ tel:076-231-0096 MOKKIRIYA/KANAZAWA

10/25(金)芦屋Left Alone 20:00~ tel:0797-22-0171 LEFT LONE/ASHIYA

The line-up will be: Note!! Bassist change!!

Roy Assaf (USA) – piano

Ari-Pekka ‘Ape’ Anttila (FIN) – bass

Jaska Lukkarinen (FIN) – drums ,

except OCT 13 at Yokohama Jazz promenade, where it will be:

Kengo Nakamura – bass

Shinichiro Kamoto – drums

We hope to see as many of you as possible in our concerts!

Please also check my Twitter account: pekkasmusic


Japan Tour 2013

pekka tour 2013-1

Back home in Helsinki..

Hello friends!

It has been an incredibly nice (and quite busy) summer for me. I recently arrived home from Italy where I spent for almost a

month, first teaching and playing at the Atina Jazz Campus, which I was also heading this year. It was again a really fun experience with so many talented, young musicians from 7 different countries taking part in (Finland, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Brazil, Hungary). The actual festival, Atina Jazz Festival is the mother organization for the event, they provided again some class acts there.

Before Italy I spent about a week in Denmark, where I was attending the annual IASJ Jazz Meeting in Århus. That was great as well! After the meeting I stayed in Copenhagen a few more days and performed with Thomas Walbum, Thomas Clausen, Carlos Ezequiel, Sidiel Vieira, Pirulito and Lars Möller at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Always a pleasure working with these guys, and for the first time I got to play with the great Lars Möller.

After Denmark (and before Italy) I played some gigs with a blues band called Highway. We performed at the Linna Jazz festival in the city of Hämeenlinna (around 80 kms from Helsinki). It was fun, haven’t done gigs like that for a while!

Now I’m back to work here and looking forward to many new exciting tours and plans for the rest of the year and for the 2014.

I will be posting more information on those once I get all the necessary parts together…Meanwhile – thanks for reading- I hope to keep in touch with you.

All the best!


Japan Tour 2013

Moods Jazz & Blues Awards

Hi everybody!

I’m really happy to announce that I will be taking part in the finals of the ‘Moods Jazz&Blues Awards’ -competition

with my band Tube Factory on June 4th, 2013. Moods is the probably the best-known Swiss jazz club, it’s in Zurich, and we’re excited about going there! My band will be this time: Markus Niittynen on piano, Tuure Koski on bass and Ville Pynssi on drums.

Moods Jazz & Blues Awards

UK Tour in April 2013

I’m really excited about going back to UK to do a 1-week-long tour with some great musicians.

This band is called ‘Pekka Pylkkanen Hi-Fi Quintuplet’ (or Hi-Fi Quartet on some nights)

There will be Nick Smart on trumpet (April 22/23);  Kit Downes on piano (April 25); Matt Robinson on piano (April 18-24); Ronan Guilfoyle on bass and Conor Guilfoyle on drums.

Here below the list of gigs:

April 18 Aberdeen Music School/Dyce  open rehearsal, AND a Concert at the Blue Lamp

April 19 Aberdeen Music School/Dyce Workshop

April 20 Charlie Wrights Music Lounge London

April 23 606 Club London

April 24 Jazz Cafe Cardiff

April 25 Watermill Jazz Club, Dorking

Hope to see you there!!!